Why PPC?

The Search Engine Results are getting tougher

Search for anything on Google or Bing now and one thing stands out with the returned search results….an ever increasing amount of space is being given to paid ads. This is no wonder really, Google, for example, does make 97% of their revenue from paid advertising! This image of the results page shows what an average user would see on a desktop – all paid ads.

The reality is that all businesses, including those relying on organic search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, face losing ever more valuable screen ‘real estate’ to paid advertising. Additionally and crucially, more and more people search on mobile devices and this is where Google excels, providing ‘call’ and ‘message’ buttons to make it very easy for searchers to contact advertisers.

Pay Per Click is all about maximising ROI

Realistically, the dominance of Google and Microsoft Ads means that an increasing number of businesses, even those with decent budgets for content creation, are finding that just relying on monthly organic SEO doesn’t deliver a sustainable ROI to generate new sales leads and maintain online visibility.

This is where PPC can deliver!

Just what it says - only pay when someone clicks on your advert

I believe that PPC is a highly effective and measurable channel to generate sales leads and visibility for almost all types business. It does require time and money but increasingly businesses are deciding this is time and money well spent! Let me summarise some of the advantages of PPC…


Getting your message in front of your target market is crucial. PPC allows targeting at a very granular level. This means that you choose the locations (even down to postcode areas if required) in which you advertise and also which particular ad is shown. You can also remarket; track past website visitors to display ads to them as they move around the internet.


Unlike traditional channels like TV, radio and print advertising, ROI for online marketing is highly measurable. PPC is one of the most measurable of all online channels. SEO, in comparison, is getting much harder to measure, with keywords ’not provided’ and ever-increasing personalisation of user’s search results making ROI very inaccurate.


Marketing/Sales resource is a challenge that faces all businesses. To increase offline sales leads you need extra time and people. However with a PPC campaign with a proven ROI you can increase your budget and your leads and profits will increase with it.


For businesses wanting to generate sales leads quickly (who doesn’t!) PPC is a great marketing channel. For startups and businesses new to marketing, perhaps still working on their SEO, it can not only generate leads but also provide valuable data as to what keywords are converting and therefore worth trying to rank organically for too.


If you look at the top paid ads in the search results you’ll see the ad itself and then additional information. These are ad extensions and show for sales and services messages, prices, telephone numbers, text messages, location, reviews, ratings and more. It’s no wonder, as the SERP image above shows, paid advertising dominates search results.


Well structured and maintained PPC campaigns generate sales leads and ROI. With more businesses understanding the benefits of PPC even if your competitors aren’t currently running paid advertising, there is a chance they will soon. Get the edge on your competitors and grab those sales leads before them. Can you afford not to?

Get visibility for searches relevant to your business!

I can setup an immediate solution to drive targeted traffic to your website, generating both awareness and sales leads. Ongoing performance reviews and account management will ensure maximised ROI.


How I can help
Trevor Jones
This is in La Paz, Bolivia in 2006 before setting off to acclimatise on smaller mountains before attempting the ultimate objective which was the huge white mountain behind me called Illimani which is 21,200 feet or 6,460 metres. Some 15 days later I was stood on the top of Illimani (I’m in the blue) looking down on La Paz. Illimani

Hello, I'm Trevor Jones...


I’m a professional with both practical hands-on business experience and more than 20 years working in the digital industry. I specialise in offering Pay Per Click advertising management services.

I am a certified Google Partner and I can setup and manage paid advertising for you, generating the increased, measurable, sales leads and brand visibility to grow your business.

I appreciate running a business isn’t 9 to 5 Monday to Friday which is why, I always try to be available so that when you need to contact me, you can *.

* unless I’m physically asleep and as you can see, I don’t get much beauty sleep 🙂

Why choose me?


Paid Search, Display Advertising & Remarketing

As a qualified Google Ads (formerly Adwords) consultant and Google Partner I manage a portfolio of client’s paid advertising accounts ranging from SMB’s to nationwide groups of companies.

Client budgets range in size, with some £3000+ per day, in total I manage over £1.6m per year in pay per click account spend.

Each of my clients bring their own set of requirements, goals and opportunities. My job is to convert these opportunities into profitable and sustainable pay per click campaigns providing a solid return on investment and increased sales leads.

£ 0 +
Annual Managed PPC Spend

Compared to relying solely on organic SEO, pay per click advertising offers instant marketing opportunities for your business. I have summarised some of the most popular PPC products below.

With monthly account management retainers starting from just £500 per month, even with modest budgets, it still pays to leave the management to me and leave you free to concentrate on your business.

Google Search

Google Search

Get Visibility for Searches Relevant to Your Business!

Paid advertising in the search engine results ensures that your company is visible when people are searching for your services. Only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your website.
Google Search Advertising Options
Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Reach potential customers across the web.

Display advertising can help build awareness, increase campaign reach and drive conversions across a network of websites on millions of high-quality news pages, topic-specific websites, video sites and blogs.

Google Display Network Options

Advertise on YouTube

Over 2 billion people use YouTube & watch 1 bn hours of video per day.

Take advantage of these incredible YouTube user and video viewing statistics and use topic categories and keywords to display text and image ads on channels and videos where your customers spend time.
YouTube Ad Options
Bing and Yahoo Network

Bing & Yahoo Network

The Microsoft Advertising network is growing, especially with PC users.
With similar features to Google, you can advertise on the Yahoo! / Bing network in search results and also display text or image ads on websites owned by Microsoft, Yahoo! or syndicated partners.
Bing Yahoo Network

Remarketing / Retargeting

Over 2 billion people use YouTube & watch 1 billion hours of video per day.
Keep your brand visible by remarketing or retargeting to people who have previously visited your website. Increase the conversion potential with text and image ads across the web.
YouTube Ad Options
Get visibility for searches relevant to your business!
I can setup an immediate solution to drive targeted traffic to your website, generating both awareness and sales leads. Ongoing performance reviews and account management will ensure maximised ROI.


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